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Make the world a better place to live!! May 20, 2010

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Here are some things that help the world!!

  • Random Acts of kindness
  • The magic TriaAd: Kind Smile, Kind Word, Kind Action
  • Free Hugs
  • Every 10 tunes plants a tree
  • Songs for Japan

First, we start with Random Acts of Kindness. I don’t know if you heard about Secret Agent, but she/he started the organization. What she/he did was to leave small gifts like some flowers or a gift or a book and people began to notice. And when we see something like that we want to do it, too. And that how it started to grow. The other day in my school, my music teacher showed us a video about Random Acts of Kindness, a group of people went to the mall, they went to the foodcourt and started to do normal things, and then all of a sudden the group of people started to sing Hallelujah, and everyone in the foodcourt started singing. Then on Macy’s they did the same thing, which was pretty cool.

In school, we did the TriAd project for a week, we had to give someone a kind smile, or kind word, or do a kind action. You can try to do it, everyday.

The week we were doing the magic TriAd, we saw the video if Free Hugs, how it started: a homeless from London went to an airport and saw all these people hugging. Nobody was waiting for him, nobody was paying any attention to him. So, he came and wrote in a poster FREE HUGS, and here’s the story. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x4upx4_free-hugs-campaign_webcam

Now, every 10 tunes plants a tree, that is awesome! Instead of going ot iTunes go to www.tunesfortrees.com.

Another campaign that iTunes is doing is Songs for Japan. Just go to iTunes, and search Songs for Japan, the whole album is $9.99 and has 34 songs. All the money goes to Japan.