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Guess what?! April 24, 2011

             Haitian Quake Survivors Work to Help Victims of Japan Earthquake

Geoffery and Joe know all too well what an earthquake can do to destroy a country. These two Haitian boys had their homes destroyed by the earthquake in Port-au-Prince last year, and have been living in tents ever since. So when they saw the devastation of the earthquake in Japan on a handheld portable TV, the two boys were moved to tears—and then to action.

Although the Haitian earthquake survivors had nothing of their own, they began collecting plastic scraps and weaving them into bracelets that bear the words “From Haiti to Japan.” The bracelets sell for $10 each, and so far, the boys have sold over $200, which will go into a relief fund to help survivors of the Japanese quake and tsunami.

It’s a touching reminder that even those who are deeply in need of help are still willing to do everything they can to help others in difficult situations.


One Response to “Guess what?!”

  1. Paola Says:

    Hi from Honduras!
    What a touching story from Geoffery and Joe! It is nice to hear about people helping others.
    Congratulations Leonie for your blog. Keep up the good job!

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