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Saving the Environment July 3, 2011

I came across a blog the other day about saving the environment and how we are trashing it, and i thought it would be nice to put some ways to help the environment in my blog bacause how can we do Random Acts of Kindness if we are choking on contaminated air?? Then, today i came across a blog that said the world doesn’t saving, it needs you. When we are trying to be global citizens and everything, it is easy to get caught up with all the things OTHER people need to do to save the world, like thinking if the government did this, if people knew how to recycle, if corporate companies didn’t do exploit labor.

And, I kept reading and it said some amazing things like: What if, we stop doing what we are doing right now did the things that we like the most? But,what people usually think is or what adults like to think is : ” If everyone did what they want, Nothing would ever get done.” I don’t know what to think about that, because who ever heard of someone deciding to spend their lives getting tan and sipping coconut on the crowded shores of 3 desserted islands?

I mean, there is people that want to be government leaders, people that want to run companies in new ways, people that want to invent eco-friendly things. Just imagine a world where everyone was doing what they feel is going to be good for them.

Because, when you are doing the things that you like ideas come to you easily and you don’t have to be getting headaches every hour because you don’t what to do. I think these is the perfect excuse for getting bad grades, you are not going to do good on a subject that you don’t like.

But, the part that i didn’t like was that she said that we don’t have to burden ourselves with the heavy task of “saving the world”. That all the world needs is you doing what you want. That, is the most stupid thing I ever read and I’ve read the Maximum Ride series.It’s good that you do what you want in chosing your career or to decided if you want to join the basketball team or the volleyball team, but, not for saying you are not going to help. I mean you are the ones that choose whether you want to help or not, but, the world would LOVE that type of help. 😉


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